About Us

Hi my name is Stan and I am the owner of Shutter Avenue Photography.


I have been working as a professional photographer for over ten years. My passion for photography didn’t come overnight, nor did I know that I was going to be doing this for living!  I followed in the footsteps of my mother who was an architectural engineer when I was attending school, but near end of school I realized that “sitting behind the desk” was not my passion.  I finished The Pennsylvania State University with Bachelors of Architecture, but immediately started building up my own business as a professional photographer.  While in school, I have spend a lot of time photographing just about anything that came my way!  My favorite at that time was portraits and stock photography.  I was still finding my way and learning what it is that I enjoy capturing the most.  It wasn’t until several years of my professional photography career (and many different photo sessions in many different settings, states, and even over seas) that I have found my “sweet zone”!

I never thought how much I would appreciate my working experience of combined seven years in architectural and engineering firms.  I am using the experience and the knowledge from that in my photography business which helps me to understand architectural photography on a whole different level.

My goal is to provide you with images that will impress not only you, but all those who come in contact with the photographs.

Here's just a few companies which I have worked with in the past: