Real Estate Photography

Whether you're a real estate agent or a homeowner, we're enthusiastic about collaborating with you and dedicated to delivering top-notch images. Take a look at sample gallery below or click here to see custom-processed by Stan.

What is Your Photography Process?

Depending on the home features and the size of the home, it can take Stan anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours per home. We want your home to look like not an average home but exceptional home. For that to happen Stan takes his time to look for best angles, and keeps in mind that "what if this image would be published in advertisement or even maybe in a magazine". To capture the best images of the home Stan use speedlights, available light and retouching techniques to provide you with the very best images possible.

Since each home is custom, Stan begins with a walkthrough of the home to see and get a feel of the home. If you know which features of the home are absolutely important we would like to know about them to make sure that Stan can document them for you. But by getting a feel of the home it gives Stan the sense of what and how to photography each space.

How Many Photos Do I Receive?

We aim to provide an optimal number of photos, considering the property's unique aspects. Thus, we offer a range of packages. Rather than photographing every detail, like all six bathrooms or an unfinished basement, it's more effective to focus on the key selling features. However, with some of our photography packages you will receive a more than maximum number of photos, optimizing MLS and other online sites with an abundance of images.

What About Post Process and How Do I Receive the Images?

Most photo packages are custom-processed by Stan, and we also offer a fully computer-rendered option. After processing, the images are uploaded to a private gallery for your download. Our standard turnaround time ensures delivery by the second business day. If you require them by 8 am the next business day, we offer a "Rush Order" service for rapid MLS upload.

The images you receive are all high-resolution photographs, and you have complete freedom to use them in any marketing strategy to sell the home. We impose no restrictions on the media you choose, so feel at liberty to create flyers, postcards, or any other materials that best suit your needs to ensure a successful home sale.

Do You Do Twilight/Dusk Photos?

Certainly, we provide twilight photos. However, owing to Stan's photography style, we typically offer one or two images per home per evening, dependent on the property's size and features. We also offer day-to-night photo conversion with no limitations on the number of photos we can create. For further information and pricing details to understand the distinctions, please reach out to us.

How About Virtual Tours or Walkthrough Video?

If you're seeking images that move horizontally or vertically, it's essentially a slideshow (though commonly referred to as virtual tours on real estate websites), and yes we do offer that as a slideshow video. We also offer a walkthrough video of the home, which can be added to any package. Additionally, we provide concise real estate videos, up to 2 minutes in length, showcasing the property's standout features.

However, when it comes to 360-degree room views with panning features (Matterport), we personally believe they can misrepresent the home due to their lower photographic quality. Based on feedback from buyers, we don't prioritize 360 virtual tours.

Do You Travel?

Absolutely, we're willing to travel wherever necessary to capture the best photos for your listing. Feel free to reach out to us for information on our standard service areas and any applicable traveling fees if your location extends beyond our usual coverage.

What About Aerial Photography?

We're happy to offer aerial photography or videography upon request. However, it's important to note that FAA restrictions may affect our ability to capture aerial views in specific areas. Additionally, adverse weather conditions like strong winds or rain may necessitate rescheduling the aerial photography for a more suitable date.