Real Estate Photography

If you are real estate agent or a homeowner, we would be more than happy to work with you. But first things first: We need you to know that Stan is not a high-speed/high-turnaround photographer, and we take pride in our work so we strive to produce high-quality images for you. Take a look at sample gallery below or click here.

What is Your Photography Process?

Depending on the home features and the size of the home, it can take Stan anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours per home. We want your home to look like not an average home but exceptional home. For that to happen Stan takes his time to look for best angles, and keeps in mind that "what if this image would be published in advertisement or even maybe in a magazine". To capture the best images of the home Stan use speedlights, available light and retouching techniques to provide you with the very best images possible.

Since each home is custom, Stan begins with a walkthrough of the home to see and get a feel of the home. If you know which features of the home are absolutely important we would like to know about them to make sure that Stan can document them for you. But by getting a feel of the home it gives Stan the sense of what and how to photography each space.

How Many Photos Do I Receive?

We strive to deliver as many photos as various online sources would let you but not every home is the same. Sometimes to document the best features of the home it can be more or less of that amount, for that reason we have different packages to chose from. It's not always a good thing to photograph all 6 bathrooms or unfinished basement just because the MLS let you upload X amount of images, but that's why it's important to know, what are the key features of the home that will help to sell it and to concentrate on them.

What About Post Process and How Do I Receive the Images?

All images are custom processed by Stan and uploaded to a private gallery (where you can download the photos to your computer) on the second business day after the photo shoot which is our standard turnaround time.  Although if you need the photos next business day  by 8am we can definitely do that with a "Rush Order" so you can upload the images to MLS as-soon-as possible.

Images which you will receive are all high-resolution photographs and you are free to use them in any marketing way to sell the home. We do not restrict you with which media you would like to use the images, so feel free to create flyers, postcards or in any other way you see fit to make sure the home will sell.

Do You Do Twilight/Dusk Photos?

Yes, and because of the style of photography that Stan does we can only deliver one or two images per home (depending on the size and the features of the home) per evening.

How About Virtual Tours or Walkthrough Video?

If you are looking for images that are moving from left to right or up and down it's actually called a slideshow (yes we understand that most real estate websites call it virtual tours) and every package does come with it. Walkthrough video of the home, we do provide and it can be added to any package. Yet a 360 view of the room with panning features (real virtual tour) in our personal opinion we believe they miss represent the home, they are very low quality of photography, and because of the feedbacks from the buyers we don't concentrate on 360 virtual tours. Stan's philosophy is to try to make sure that the photos will blow away the buyer rather than creating a poor quality 360 virtual tour. 

Do You Travel?

Yes, we will go anywhere you would need us to go to provide you with best photos of your listing. Please contact us regarding our regular service areas and about our traveling fees if we need to go beyond our standard service areas. 

What About Aerial Photography?

We can definitely provide you with aerial photography if requested. But please understand that FAA restrictions in certain areas can play a roll if we will be able to photograph a listing from above. Also if the weather is not cooperating with aerial photography such as strong wind or raining we will need to reschedule aerial photography to another date.