Please follow the steps below on how to download the photos/video from our website:


To Download Photos:

Step 1

Right-Click on the large image or bring your mouse to the top left corner of the large image.

Step 2

Select "Download"

Step 3

Select "All Available Originals"

A pop-up box will appear and you will have a chose to: 1) Downloading images right-a-way or 2) receiving an email when the file for download is ready (best option if slow internet or x-large size of multiple images, but you will need to wait 30 mins and/or up-to 2 hours to receive the email)

Step 4

To download the images right-a-way, click on the blue text ending with ".zip" file


To receive the email with a link for "ready to download" the files: enter your email address.

Step 5

Once all images have been download as a zip file (applies only for "All Available Originals" option and not for individual image download), double click on the zip file to un-zip it and you are done.


To Download Virtual Tour Video:

Step 1

NOTE: Depending on the browser if there are no "3 Dots" just right click anywhere on the video and select "Download video".

Click on the three dots at the bottom of the right hand corner.


Step 2

Click on "Download" and select the destination folder.

And now you are done.